Everything We Know About Mafia 3 – Setting, Driving Mechanics, and Changing Open-World

Mafia 3 is easily among my top-5 most anticipated games of this year! There is a lot that already know about the game and quite a lot to be discovered. In this piece, we discuss everything that we know so far about the upcoming Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 lets player assume the role of Lincoln Clay who returned to New Bordeaux from the Vietnam War to find his family brutally murdered by the Italian mob led by Sal Marcano. After narrowly escaping the attack himself, Clay waged war on Italian mob syndicate and swore to take everything from Sal Marcano and claim it for himself!

In order to achieve this, Clay founds himself befriending other criminals and characters from the previous Mafia games including the protagonist of Mafia II, Vito Scaletta. Together with Vito, Burke, and Cassandra; Clay formulates a new family in the pursuit to overthrow Marcano and Italians.

Coming to gameplay, Mafia 3 potentially works like the earlier iterations of the franchise. The game offers a huge arsenal of weapons and gadgets to complete missions in a variety of ways, each complementing to a range of unique playstyles.

One of the biggest additions in Mafia 3 is how players will be able to change the game’s open-world albeit slightly. During the course of the game, Clay will not only be able to take control of different regions, but also divvy them up among his associates in order to take care of them.

This will allow Clay to strengthen his relationships with his associates and reap various benefits from them. However, one important thing that you need to note here is that this will anger some of the associates. The entire system is designed to leave players torn between greed and loyalty. We have covered more on this, you can head over to the linked post to find out more!

Each of these associates have unique perks that will provide Clay with unique advantages in the game:

Burke’s Perks

  • Fiona – Hinder cop chase, depending upon how many areas are in your control
  • Bishop – Allows you to receive a vehicle anywhere

Cassandra’s Perks

  • Moran – Block enemy reinforcements and cut their communication
  • Weapons Supplier – Allows you buy weapons before a mission
  • Wire Tap – Allows you to highlight enemies and money for easy taking
  • Health Regeneration – Allows regenerations of HP

Vito’s Perks

  • Bobby – Allows you call reinforcements and upgrade them as well
  • Inside Source – Get inside information and strategize your way out
  • Unique Weapons – Allows you to get unique weapons and firearms

When it comes to cruising around New Bordeaux, each vehicle in the game will respond uniquely depending upon the weight of the car which will render drifting around edges and ramming into other vehicles more impactful. The open-world of the game is made up of a total of 10 districts, each with its own charms and mob boss running things.

Hopefully, we will learn more in coming weeks before Mafia 3 officially launches in October this year.

Mafia 3 is scheduled to release for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on Oct. 07, 2016.