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Blizzard Builds an Overwatch Statue to Honor Fallen Player

Blizzard has built an Overwatch statue in the game in order to honor a 20-year-old Chinese player who died while attempting to stop a crime back in May. Wu Hongyu was a college student, and has now been immortalized in the game’s Lijiang Tower map as an astronaut. Behind his display is a series of Chinese characters that says “Heroes Never Die.”

In-game, Lijiang Tower is a massive structure, located in the city of the same name in China. The building is home to one of the largest space-exploration companies on the planet, Lucheng Interstellar. Three different maps take place in the tower.

Wu Hongyu’s Overwatch statue takes the form of an astronaut, with his name emblazoned in red on his chest. While the display isn’t much, it’s the least that Blizzard could do for a fan that took the point of Overwatch to heart: that heroes are always needed in the world.

One of the many positive points that you can say about Overwatch, aside from its polished gameplay, beautiful environments, and more, is the sheer diversity of its characters.

Including everything from robots to a gorilla, one of the more popular characters, the climatologist Mei, is actually from China.

With millions of players now playing Overwatch on a regular basis, and with millions of dollars being spent buying loot boxes in order to get skins, sprays, and more, hopefully this is the start of something of a tradition with Blizzard: building statues to honor fans that could fit the criteria of a “hero”, though hopefully with less tragic circumstances.

If you’re looking to see the Hongyu Overwatch statue for yourself, you can find it somewhere in the Lijiang Tower map if you look for the red display that it’s part of. The Hongyu statue will be the one in the center, so you’ll be able to recognize it even if you don’t read Chinese.