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EA is Teasing Battlefield 1 Beta News for Players

EA has started to tease the possibility of a Battlefield 1 beta, and the game’s alpha period isn’t even over yet. All that we know for now is that it’s going to be coming sometime this summer, but the Battlefield 1 twitter has said that we should expect news about the beta sometime in the future.

The Battlefield 1 beta was first announced at its preview event several months ago, but we haven’t really gotten any news of it since then. However, the alpha has been going on for a week now, taking place on the Saint Quentin’s Scar map and possessing the Conquest and Domination game types.

It’s likely that the beta will be an updated version of the alpha, with the same maps and the same game modes. This is the same way that the Battlefield 4 beta went, taking place entirely on the Siege of Shanghai map with the Conquest and Domination game types available.

The Battlefield 1 beta will likely include most of the things that will be available in the rest of the game’s multiplayer maps, including multiple weapons, loadouts, vehicles, and at least one Behemoth superweapon, a Zeppelin.

We don’t really have any idea of what other behemoths will be, but it’s likely that Germany will have the Zeppelin while Britain, who is the other faction available on the Saint Quentin’s Scar map, is most likely going to have something else, likely a particularly tough variety of tank.

Hopefully the Battlefield 1 beta will have some information given out about it soon, so that players can prepare to try and get invites.

If players really want to be sure that they’ll be able to get information about the beta, they should sign up to become Battlefield Insiders, which would not only given them information about the beta but could also get them early access to the beta when it comes out.