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Ark Survival Evolved Achievements for Xbox One Coming with Update v739

The developers of Ark Survival Evolved have been a little quiet lately and part of the reason is that they have been working on the Update v738. The sad part is that the Ark Survival Evolved Achievements for Xbox One are not a part of this one, but the good part is that they will be in the next patch.

Jeremy Stieglitz, who happens to be in all the important places at Studio Wildcard (Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, & Co-Creative Director of ARK: Survival Evolved and the Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard) has revealed that they are coming soon!

Stieglitz was actually boasting of how the performance and loading speeds of the game have improved in the update v738 while also revealing that they were done with it and so Microsoft was going to put it through the quality assurance process now.

However, he was soon asked how much more will the fans have to wait before they got the Ark Survival Evolved Achievements for Xbox One up and running. Stieglitz’s reply was that Studio Wildcard was also working on them as we speak.

Apparently, the update v739 is going to have the “first batch” of Xbox One Achievements inside it.

So yes, the update you get after this one is going to bring you the Xbox Live Achievements.

In parallel news, the developers have confirmed that when the game releases officially, the servers will be wiped although it will also depend on the size of the player base.