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Xbox Summer Sale to be Announced On Friday?

A user (insider) at NeoGAF has let slip that apparently the Xbox Summer Sale will be announced this Friday, opening up Xbox’s own summer sale event. It will be the fourth to begin this summer from various outlets, including Good Old Games, Steam, and Playstation. The Xbox sale will likely have big discounts on a number of the hottest available games.

Playstation’s own summer sale began two days ago, and will last two weeks with a variety of different deals coming each week. However Microsoft ends up making the sale, hopefully there will be a lot of good games available.

Some games that could be made available for the Xbox Summer Sale will probably be games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Star Wars: Battlefront, and likely a number of arcade, indie, and other kinds of games. It would also be a good chance for Microsoft to give a large number of discounts on backwards-compatible games, or add more.

However, that all depends on what exactly Microsoft is going to be putting up on the sale. While it’s likely that a lot of triple-A games will be chosen in order to boost their sales. Battlefront might be a particularly interesting one, especially since its Bespin DLC only just came out.

If Microsoft and EA are smart, they might be able to sell a Battlefront pack that has ever DLC on it.

Considering that Destiny’s Rise of Iron DLC has been announced and is coming sometime in December, Bungie offering some kind of discount on it would also be an interesting thing to do on the Xbox Summer Sale, especially since it’s another Taken King DLC, costing around 30 dollars to buy.

But either way, we’ll just have to see what Microsoft chooses to put discounts on when the Xbox Summer Sale is announced tomorrow.