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Ubisoft Discusses Watch Dogs 2 Co-op, Driving Mechanics, Offline Play Value

We have previously discussed a number of gameplay elements in Watch Dogs 2 like the three different playstyles you can choose, how followers work and help progression, the departure from Towers and so on. This time, we have details about Watch Dogs 2 co-op elements, the value in offline play and newdriving mechanics.

These new details have been shared by Dominic Guay, the Senior Producer of the game at Ubisoft while he was answering a number of questions about new additions and tweaks to Watch Dogs’ existing gameplay system.

He says that among the few core things they have changed in the game were the driving mechanics, which became the focus after feedback from the previous title was too polarized:

One of the things we reinvested in was driving. We got a lot of feedback that driving was polarising. Some people liked it, some people really didn’t. We thought ‘no way, driving is too important in our city, we need to have fun driving’. So to fix that we worked extensively with our friends at Ubisoft Reflections, our super hardcore guys for really good driving models, so they helped us.

Next up Guay discussed the Watch Dogs 2 co-op related elements. Instead of simply going with the PvP, they have taken a more inclusive approach this time where you can become a co-op team with other DeadSec hackers with the push of a button.

However, Ubisoft has ensured that the introduction of co-operative play to the game does not necessarily mean it is the focus of the game, or something you would feel incomplete without if you wanted to stay off the grid.

“Some players want to customise their experience and not have that, and that’s totally fine,” he says. However, where Watch Dogs 2 gets interesting is the ability to let you choose which online elements you want to keep and which you don’t want.

You can “custom tailor [the experience] to your taste,” and get rid of the things you don’t want. Ubisoft goes as far as saying that allowing this liberty to the player is “the spirit of hacking and customising your experience, and being in control with total freedom.”

We know that Watch Dogs 2 is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and is scheduled for a worldwide release on November 15, 2016. While you wait for that, why don’t you check out what our Arsalan Tufail has to say about the game in our preview.