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Street Fighter V Moves Sets For Balrog Updated by Capcom

The official CFN portal has been updated by Capcom with full Street Fighter V moves sets of Balrog and Ibuki. However, Ibuki’s moves list was revealed last week, so we are going to discuss Balrog moves list.

This Shadaloo boxer will remain a charger in Street Fighter V, but still has less special moves, which have been replaced by a slew of target combos that will keep Barlog on his feet while fighting in close range.

The Buffalo Headbutt was Balrog’s invincible reversal attack, but now it will function as a V-Reversal. However, the only Down Charge move Balrog has is his Screw Smash, which is supposed to work as an anti-air.

Now Barlog will be able to cancel its Dash Straight, and can convert its Dash Grand Blow into KKB. This allows him to dodge projectiles and some certain special moves as he attacks his enemy. From KKB Balrog has two options, either he can use Buffalo Swing or Buffalo Pressure. These resemble his Dash Swing Blow(charge B, DF+P) and Dash Upper (Charge B, F+K) from the previous Street Fighter.

Once players have activated the V-Trigger, Balrog will be able to change his special attacks into another attack without any charge. After executing first special attack of Balrog players can press Forward+P or Forward+K to deliver a followup attack.

If these moves are used during V-Trigger, these moves are called Charging Buffalo and Bursting Buffalo. These moves can also be canceled in KKB for more complex attack combinations.

Balrog’s Turn punch now only requires two buttons to be held, and the longer these buttons are held the more invincibility and damage it will gain. Balrog’s super, Gigaton Blow returns from Alpha 3 and can be executed without charge, making it possible from his forward charging moves.

You can check out the full Street Fighter V moves set for Balrog below.


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