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These Street Fighter V Characters Were Cut From the Full Version

Capcom has given a little peek of behind the scenes work on Street Fighter V, and also revealed some Street Fighter V characters that were supposed to be included in the game, but were left out.

Street Fighter V game director Takayuki Nakayama took it to the Capcom’s official website and shared some Street Fighter V characters like Fighting Literary Master, Fighting President, Clumsy Cutie and more. These characters were designed to be included in the game but Capcom decided not to.

Lets Start with Fighting Literary Master, according to the description Fighting Literary Master is an old man that constantly grumbles to himself. However, the pen is not mightier than sword in this game.


One of the characters that were excluded is Fighting President, although he looks sad for some reason, maybe because he was left out of the game.


However, the next Street Fighter V character that Capcom did not included in the game is Clumsy Cutie, and I believe you will be grateful that they left this one out. According to the description when Clumsy Cutie fights, her clothes become tattered due to her clumsiness.


Next up is the Soccer Fighter, who kind of a Brazilian male representative, but he was too familiar to Roberto from Rival Schools so Capcom had to cut him.


All of these Street Fighter V characters were supposed to be fresh additions to the game, however, Capcom settled with only 16 fighters at launch. Four of these sixteen characters were brand new; FANG, Laura, Necalli and Rashid.

Nakayama explained that reason by they cut these characters and only included 16 to the game.

Considering the number of characters we had to work with, we decided to go with 16 characters that were easier to deal with. While these characters unfortunately didn’t make the cut, maybe they’ll make an appearance somewhere!?

You can checkout all of the Street Fighter V characters that were left out by following this link.