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See What a Rising Indie Studio Has to Say About PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio

PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio are being discussed all over the internet. Some of the major publications and developers have shared their thoughts about it. Companies like Take-Two, EA, Ubisoft and others are looking forward to PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio.

PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio both support 4K gaming in their own way. The release of both platforms will change the current development process for consoles. We have an idea how big time publishers may handle development for the new consoles, however, we recently spoke with a rising indie studio “Zoink Games” and the co-creative director shared his thoughts about the new consoles.

We asked about how the new consoles will affect video games development, how it affects an indie studio.

It all depends on how Sony and Microsoft implement it and what trends take hold, because that is going to decide how big a difference we as developers will be expected to make between the two versions.

I hope that everyone involved is committed to making the “basic” versions play and look great first and foremost – if developers start to get sloppy and release games that are really intended for the upgraded machines, then we’re messing with the safe, convenient environment that is the whole point of playing on console to begin with. As long as it’s just a matter of scaling up the resolution for the upgraded consoles and enabling prettier VR, perhaps adding a few effects here and there, we’re absolutely on board.

Creating versions that favor the higher end machine will certainly cause a backlash from the community. Devs will still need to make sure they don’t phase-out base models.

Zoink Games itself is working on a new game called Fe, it is being published by EA. The game won’t release this year and devs will consider a Nintendo NX version. If both 4K capable units are easy to develop for and can upscale current games, who’s to say we may see Fe on Project Scorpio and PS4 NEO.

Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo are expected to release next year. Microsoft announce the new console at E3 2016 but Sony, according to our sources, might skip GamesCom to unveil PS4 Neo at PlayStation Experience.