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Overwatch Competitive Play Now Live On Xbox One

If you’re one of the many eager players that have been waiting for Overwatch competitive play to arrive, now’s your chance to take part. The new game mode has finally gone live on Xbox One after months of waiting, and it’s likely we won’t have to wait long to also see it on Playstation 4 and PC.

Competitive play in Overwatch is similar to the ranked mode in Hearthstone and Starcraft. Players will take part in ten matches to determine how skilled they are. After those matches are done, players will be assigned a number between 1 and 100, and will then be placed within a bracket of players that match their skill level.

From there, players will fight matches where a victory will earn you a new rank in the ladder. If you lose a match, you’ll go down a rank.

If you do well in Overwatch competitive play, you’ll be able to get a bunch of cool stuff, including unique skins and sprays, along with golden weapons so everyone can know how good you are.

Blizzard has also made it so that the mode is as fair as possible; it’s been common knowledge now that Overwatch’s anti-cheating software does not allow second chances or warnings, so if someone may be cheating, they’ll be found out.

Each season of Overwatch competitive play will last two and a half months, nearly three times as long as a season in Hearthstone (which only last one month). Don’t worry about rage-quitters spoiling the fun, either.

In Overwatch, if a player rage-quits from multiple matches, they’ll suffer a 75% XP penalty until they play enough matches without quitting. The penalty is even stiffer in competitive mode: rage quit too often there, and you’ll likely be banned from participating for a whole season.

We’ll have to see how the initial launch goes, but hopefully it will be like everything else in Overwatch: fairly solid.