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New Video Shows Off Scalebound RPG Elements

A new video on YouTube has unveiled some Scalebound RPG elements, which include equipping yourself and your dragon friend Thuban with weapons and armor, changing Thuban’s appearance, and more.

The gameplay, recorded from a Nico Nico livestream, is still pre-alpha footage, but hopefully we won’t have much longer to wait.

In addition to being able to put armor on Thuban and give yourself new weapons, the Scalebound footage showed how combat between Thuban and the giant monsters of Draconis could work. As a dragon, Thuban is able to use all of his natural weapons to his advantage, including his wings, his tail, his claws, and of course his fire breath.

Through the customization option available at the game’s “Dragon Temple,” you can customize Thuban to your liking, giving him different breath types, messing with his body dimensions, and equipping him with armor, including a trio of blades on his tail that help him do more damage.

The Scalebound RPG elements in the video also showed how Drew and Thuban would support one another. If Thuban is taken down in battle, it relies on Drew to heal him and get him back in the fight. This is also vital for his own survival; if Thuban dies, Drew dies as well due to their symbiotic connection.

The Scalebound demo shown by Platinum at E3 got to show off the game’s multiplayer, as multiple versions of Drew and multiple versions of Thuban worked together to take down an enormous monster.

The demo that showed off the Scalebound RPG elements was essentially the same, but this time through live gameplay; the giant insect that Thuban fights in most of the video actually ends up falling off of a cliff, killing it before Thuban can finish it off.

The demo also showed us some more of Draconis’s beautiful landscape, which includes floating landmasses, twisting vines that permeate the rock, and massive, terrifying monsters. Hopefully when it releases sometime next year, Scalebound will live up to Platinum’s triple A reputation.