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FIFA 17’s The Journey Promises a Lot For Fans

FIFA 17’s The Journey was first announced at EA’s E3 press conference. It revealed a new addition to the FIFA franchise, a story mode that wasn’t just about your team’s career. When the game releases, you will be playing as up-and-coming football player Alex Hunter as you try to make it to the top of the Premiere League.

The Journey promises a lot for its release, including well-modeled teams and managers, a dialogue wheel, cutscenes, and more. Through these cutscenes and dialogue choices, along with how you make Alex perform on the field, you’ll be able to help him realize his dream of gaining a contract in the Premiere League.

FIFA 17’s The Journey story will only be improved due to EA making the decision to makeFIFA 17 a Frostbite game, going with the beautiful engine that has been used in triple-A games like the Battlefield series, Star Wars: Battlefront, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and more.

FIFA 17 isn’t the first game from EA Sports that’s been given the Frostbite engine, but hopefully it will make FIFA 17 look even better.

It’s certainly going to matter when portraying the various managers of the Premiere League, all 26 of whom have had their faces and bodies modeled after their real-life selves.

FIFA 17’s The Journey isn’t breaking new ground, however. 2K Games’s NBA 2K series recently had a story mode in NBA 2K16, a Spike Lee production entitled “Livin’ Da Dream”.

In it, your player rose from a relatively poor black family in the projects of Harlem to an NBA superstar, dealing with family drama and other hard challenges on the way.

While Livin’ Da Dream was criticized for a number of reasons (including a bad plot, a lack of any real choice (you still came from a black family even if you made your character Caucasian or any other ethnicity) and bad characters), hopefully The Journey will be able to make a landmark in the possibility of story modes in other sports games.