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Fe Isn’t Coming Out This Year: Zoink Games Confirm

Fe, a beautiful indie game from Zoink Games, won’t be releasing this year. According co-creative director Hugo Bille, Fe is their dream project and it might take some time to finish up.’s not coming out this year. One of the many blessings of working with EA is that we don’t have to rush the game. This is our chance to make the game we’ve dreamed about, so it might take some time

Fe is a unique, gorgeous, innovative indie project that is powered by EA. It is part of EA’s plan to dip into the indie scene, similar what Sony is doing. At EA PLAY, EA announced a new initiative called EA Originals. Games released under this initiative will be published and marketed by EA. is about funding, and offering small studios a level of security with an EA Originals game. Making games is hard. It’s a hard business. These developers have taken on the risk of developing a new IP, and great games deserve to be played. So with EA Originals, we want the profits from these games to go into the hands of the studios making them. We want them to be recognized for their work, so they can keep innovating and creating, and so the players get to play more and more amazing games.

EA will choose unique indie projects and fund the developer along with providing them useful tips and advice. However, creative control will remain with the developers.

Fe developers are yet to announce platforms but if we look at Unravel, EA published it for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin PC. It is safe to say that same will be the case with Fe and it should be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, devs are yet to confirm this so last-gen console users shouldn’t lose hope just yet.

And of course, EA Access members will have some sort of benefit and probably early to Fe once it comes out.

We’ll have more for you on Fe in the coming weeks and months.