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PS4 Exclusive Detroit Become Human Will Push PS4 to the Limits

One of the highlights of the Sony’s E3 press conference was Detroit Become Human, as the developer showcased a trailer detailing different consequences of player’s actions.

Now Quantic Dream boss David Cage has shared some more information regarding Detroit Become Human game engine, and how it is benefiting the game.

Speaking with PlayStation Blog David Cage said that he wanted to push the game to its limits in terms of graphics and features, and to achieve that they developed a new game engine.

We wanted to push the limits with Detroit and have an engine that would offer us more features regarding cinematography in particular. So we wanted to work on realistic lighting, especially. So we developed an entirely new engine from scratch pretty much.

Cage further said that Quantic Dream has worked on some new visual elements including , eye and skin shaders, as well as the visual shaders that illuminates the ears and makes them red if there is light behind them.

We worked on skin shaders, we worked on hair shaders, eye shaders. We worked on translucency which allows you to, when you have a strong light behind your ear, see that your ear becomes red.

No doubt that Quantic Dream is putting a lot of work to make Detroit Become Human the best looking game, but also understands that some fans might not care for the technology being used, and that is okay to them.

We play with all this technology and players don’t need to care about all this because it’s just interesting for geeks and developers. We hope that players, even if they are not interested in the technology behind all this, will like the result on screen.

Recently David Cage revealed that Detroit Become Human will be 8-10 hours along and will have a lot more replay-ability compared to their previous games.