Days Gone Is On the Opposite End From The Last of Us

God Of War was the highlight of the Sony’s E3 conference, but Days Gone was no less of a highlight either. With the reveal of Days Gone, players got excited with the sheer number of the zombies displayed on screen and other features.

However, many fans speculated that Days Gone might be spin off to The Last Of Us due to some familiarity, but developers have clarified it.

Speaking to Gamesradar senior staff artist Brian Pape told fans that Days Gone is the opposite of The Last Of Us in terms of action and sheer number of zombies.

I think this is on the opposite end of the spectrum from The Last of Us. It’s more over the top, its more extreme. The sheer number [of zombies] we have shows that. In The Last of Us you’d come across one or two at a time and make your way between them. This is more of a run and gun style, over the top extreme action.

He further explained that the extreme action is literally hard to miss when hundreds of zombies are coming at you. Senior animator Emmanuel Roth added that the game’s open world is dynamic, and players tackle the quests or situations the way they want to.

We have this big open world where you can interact if you see something in the mountain, the background, if you want to check it out. You can go somewhere and deal with it the way you want.

Ron Allen, the Technical Designer at Sony Bend discussed that Days Gone has enough features to it, to make it stand apart from other Zombie games already in the market.

According to Allen Days Gone’s open world is very unique, it not like other game’s out there. He also said that the game has a dynamic weather, like one day its 100 degrees and the next day its snowing.

Days Gone is an PlayStation 4 exclusive game developed by Sony Bend Studio.