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Rahool and Xur to have Bigger Role in Destiny Story

Bungie, the developers of Destiny, have apparently begun to hint at an expanded role in the Destiny story for two vital NPCs: Master Rahool, the Tower’s Cryptarch, and Xur, Agent of the Nine, who arrives at the Tower every weekend with random exotic armor and weapons. Both characters have given various hints into the lore, but now it seems like we’re going to find out the whole story soon.

Destiny took a bit of a different approach to its storytelling during the Taken King expansion, where Cayde-6, in-story the Vanguard commander of the Hunters but out of story just a vendor that was voiced by Nathan Fillion, took a vital role in the story and became an actual character. Now, Master Rahool and Xur might get similar roles in the Destiny story.

Xur, for instance, often makes references that he’s actually being controlled, saying things like “My mind is not my own”. Not to mention his title. In-game the Nine are an enigmatic group that control the worlds beyond the asteroid belt. Xur serves them.

Rahool himself is an interpreter of Golden Age knowledge, and often is muttering things to himself as you visit him.

When the Destiny expansion Rise of Iron comes out, Lord Saladin, the MC of the Iron Banner event, is going to play a major role, so it’s probably only a matter of time until we get similar things in every upcoming Destiny story.

The possibility of Master Rahool getting more characterization is something that many players might actually be ambivalent about; considering that the first few months of Destiny were him apparently swindling players out of legendary engrams (before Cayde paid him a visit and asked him to decrypt a bag full of doorknobs), but I for one am interested to learn about the mysterious masters that Xur serves, and why he comes to the Tower to sell us things.