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Battlefield 1 Alpha Screenshots Show Lobbies, Loadouts, Server Browser and More

One brave Reddit user has violated a non-disclosure agreement and leaked a large number of Battlefield 1 alpha screenshots onto the internet.

These screenshots show off game lobbies, class loadouts, and a server browser that seems to be replacing Battlelog on the PC version of the games. Battlefield 1’s alpha footage is taking place before the game’s official release in October.

The closed alpha, which only started a little while ago, was exclusively played on the St. Quentin Scar map. Set during the Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin in 1918, the map takes place around a small village that’s been partially devastated by war, and features the German and British teams. One of the Behemoth superweapons used in it is a massive zeppelin.

The lobby screenshots actually seem to show a lobby that’s similar to the lobby from Star Wars Battlefront, a smooth, flat design where you choose your game mode of choice rather than having to play what’s on the servers. The two different gametypes that are available in the alpha appear to be Conquest and Domination, both of which I assume are “territory capture” modes.

Other Battlefield 1 alpha screenshots include shots of the controller and what button does what, the ability to rebind keys if you prefer to play on a keyboard, and the ability to customize your loadouts before you go into battle.

Unfortunately the Reddit user that violated the NDA didn’t show us anything new from the alpha, but at least we’ve got a ton of nice videos to watch for it. Hopefully EA will be showing off some more gameplay from the game before it comes out in October.

Having some leaked Battlefield 1 alpha screenshots is nice, but it would be even better if we could have some more gameplay screenshots instead of shots of the control scheme and loadouts.