Battlefield 1 Alpha Keys Being Sent Out Now by DICE; St. Quentin Scar Map is Up for Testing

Waiting for the Battlefield 1 Alpha Keys to be sent to you by EA DICE? Well, today is the day you should be checking your emails for that as the developers have started sending out the redeem codes!

If you are lucky enough you will be able to play the St. Quentin Scar map, which was previously shown in this gameplay video as well as in this video where the gameplay features the Conquest Mode.

Set in northern France, this is one of the many maps you are going to get your hands on at the time of the game’s launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Here’s an excerpt from the email that has been sent by Electronic Arts:

Get Ready for the dawn of all out war. Help us test Battlefield 1. Experience the dawn of all out war in the Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha. Jump in and test out the St. Quentin Scar, one of the maps available in the game.

Needless to say, holders of the Battlefield 1 Alpha Keys are going to be allowed to access the Closed Alpha Feedback Forum of EA DICE where they can register their feedback.

As is the case with all closed alpha testing phases, the participants will be under an NDA which levies an embargo on them to stop details being shared with the public.

However, if you are lucky enough and have signed up for this stuff, you might have also received an email from EA DICE.

The email is accompanied by the code that has to be redeemed on Origin on the account for which it has been issued i.e. it is non-transferrable.

Battlefield 1 Alpha Keys

In parallel news, some new concept art images for Battlefield 1 have been shared by the developers that show stunning detail on the artwork of the game, and DirectX 12 support is being rumored as well.

Do you get the Battlefield 1 alpha keys?

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