How to Make $3000 In 20 Sec In GTA V Online via Glitch

Earning money is kind of very important in GTA V online, as it is required to purchase vehicles, houses and more. However, earning cash in GTA V online is not as difficult as players make it out to be, but for those who want earn fast GTA V online cash are in for a treat.

A new glitch in the patch 1.35 has been reported, and by exploiting this patch players can earn $3000 GTA V online cash in 20 seconds. The glitch has come to the light thanks to a Youtuber, who has uploaded a video giving step by step instructions to exploit this glitch and earn easy $3000 in matter of seconds.

1st Step: Players will have to go to the front of the supermarket, as shown in the video, and set that location as the last location in the interaction menu. Doing this will make sure that your every game session starts from this point.

Step 2: Now players will have to start shooting at the items present at the shelves until they get a two star wanted level, and then kill the shopkeeper to gain that three star wanted level.

Step 3: Then players will have to go to the corner of the store as shown in the video and start a new game session. Now as soon as the new game session starts players will notice that there wanted level is gone, and they have been granted $3000.

This entire process takes almost 20 seconds if you exclude the loading time between switching sessions. You can do this repeatedly in order to make some extra cash until you don’t need extra cash.

In related news, a new mod called TinyMP have been circulating the internet, which lets players to enjoy GTA V single-player in co-op. Also this mod allows players to host their own servers with the help of a simple menu.

GTA V is available for PC, Xbox One PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.