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Street Fighter 5 Story Mode Update Is Now Available to Pre-Load

If you’re one of the many people that have been waiting eagerly for the Street Fighter 5 story mode to come out, you’re in luck. Capcom has announced that the update is now available for people to pre-load ahead of its release on Friday, July 1. While the content isn’t available yet, we don’t have muhch longer to wait.

One of the chief criticisms that Street Fighter 5 had on its release was a perceived lack of content, which included a lack of some characters and stages, and the absence of its reported story mode.

At the same time, the story mode is reported to only take most players around one or two hours to finish and is mainly a short prologue for each character, having character sketches instead of fully-fledged cinematic cutscenes and only a couple of fights per character.

If that’s indeed the case, then it’s a good thing that the game has had multiple updates already that give it more content, because in any other game a one or two hour story mode would be absolutely unacceptable.

The short length of the Street Fighter 5 story mode is especially galling considering that they actually have the makings of a plot this time.

The story of Street Fighter 5 (or at least the backstory of new character Necalli) shows the awakening of an ancient Aztec warrior who gains strength by absorbing the souls of strong fighters. Considering the temporary departure of Akuma from the series in order to participate in the upcoming Tekken 7, the game needed some kind of villain.

Then again, Street Fighter as a whole isn’t really big on story. It’s mainly there to have a cast of many different characters from many different nationalities fight one another in order to become the strongest in the world. While there are some villains, such as Akuma and M. Bison, they don’t really seem to play a part themselves.

Anyway, the Street Fighter 5 story mode may not be much, but it is something, at least. And maybe, just maybe, it could turn into something more in the next Street Fighter game.