Scalebound Dev Responds To Players Complaining About Protagonist’s Headphones And More

Platinum games is currently hard at work developing Scalebound, which is coming to PC and Xbox One next year. However, Scalebound director, Hideki Kamiya, has revealed some more information regarding the headphones of the game’s protagonist and more.

Speaking with Metro, Hideki Kamiya clarified fans confusion that the development on Scalebound is going very slow, as the developers showed the same boss fight against a dragon during E3, was already shown at Gamescom 2015.

According to Kamiya this is nothing but a misconception, it’s been ten months since Cologne fair which is a lot of time to continue their work on the game like polishing the game world, or create encounters with other characters in the game or enemies and generating loot.

After Platinum Games demoed Scalebound during Microsoft’s E3 conference, many fans have said that the protagonist of the game looks like an idiot. In response to this Kamiya laughed and said that right now players don’t know anything about the character, but he did not shared any specifics about Scalebound’s protagonist. He said the fact that fans are already jumping to the conclusion does not make any sense.

Furthermore the developer also addressed fans complaining about the headphones that the protagonist keeps on and runs around with them. According to Kamiya, this does not make any sense that people are complaining about headphones, as they themselves use these kinds of gadgets and walk round. Well this certainly makes sense.

Recently Hideki Kamiya and creative producer JP Kellams revealed that dragons will be a very personal part of the player in Sclaebound. Dragons are a huge part of the Scalebound’s world, not only players will be facing off against them but also can ride them, customize them and showoff to their friends.

Scalebound will release sometime in 2017 for Xbox One and PC.

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