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Rocket League Patch 1.2 Is Faulty; Psyonix Promises Hotfix

Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League, have released Rocket League patch 1.2 for the game today. Unfortunately, the patch doesn’t fix all of the problems it was designed to, so Psyonix will be releasing a hotfix at some time in the future. The patch, which was just for the PC and the Playstation 4, will be coming to the Xbox One later.

Rocket League patch 1.2 was originally supposed to fix several issues with the game’s trade-in system, and other issues in the Neo Tokyo map that dealt with collision issues. With the patch, audio in the Utopia Coliseum and the countdown timer, and more.

Yesterday, however, Psyonix’s official Twitter page notified players that the patch had not fixed everything that it was intended to, and so the studio would be working on a hotfix. That hotfix will likely also delay the Xbox One version of Rocket League in order to adjust the patch there to work properly.

The flaws in the patch were reported to Psyonix by other Rocket League players, who told them that there were still sound and bouncing issues in Neo Tokyo that the patch did not address.

Before the hotfix comes out it’s likely that people may have to avoid playing on the Neo Tokyo map or just suffer through the bugs until the hotfix comes out.

The two points in question that dealt with the audio and bouncing issues in Neo Tokyo have since been deleted from the changelog for Rocket League patch 1.2, but they will likely be added into the hotfix when Psyonix is able to fix those issues.

Psyonix has been able to catapult Rocket League to video gaming stardom which has caused its expansion to many of the premiere gaming platforms (not to mention cross-platform play) and upcoming ones as well.

So, with all of that development experience hopefully they’ll be able to find out what the problem is with the patch and fix it.