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PS Vue On Android is Now a Thing, Also Usable on PS4 and PS3

PS Vue on Android is finally a thing, after Playstation has finally launched the app onto Android mobile devices. PS Vue allows you to watch live TV and shows from your mobile devices, and you can even use it on your Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. The launch will also add multiple new features for the console versions of the app.

Playstation Vue was only launched last year, but Playstation has already been putting out more and more updates for it ever since its launch. It’s likely that PS Vue on Android will have many of these same features.

Enhancements for the console versions of PS Vue include now being able to keep watching your shows while scrolling through the guide, a quick-navigation feature, being able to rewind and fast-forward, and having your favorite channels duplicated in the guide so that you can see them up front, without having to scroll through.

Enhancements coming for the Amazon Fire TV include Quick Navigation and 60 frames-per-second framerate in order to bring high-definition quality to 2nd-Generation Amazon Fire TVs.

PS Vue on Android is only the latest area that the service has come to, which includes Roku, iOS, Playstation consoles, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. It has three different packages for users to use, each one allowing more channels, including movies and sports. They cost 30 dollars, 35 dollars, and 45 dollars respectively, for 55, 70, and 100 channels, respectively.

The expansion to PS Vue on Android is the next logical step, since from last year the service has broken over 100,000 subscriptions. It also gives Playstation a notable advantage over the Xbox. While the Xbox allows people to buy or rent digital movies and television shows without having to suffer through commercials, it doesn’t have a specific live TV component (mainly due to it already being connected to a TV).

Playstation had already broken onto Android a few months ago with its Playstation Video service, which came onto Android at that time.