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PlayStation Plus Subscribers are Now at 20.8 Million, Sony Plans To Expand PS VR To Non Gaming APPs

Sony has released the documentation for its investor’s relations day, which was held today in Tokyo. On the documentations there were many interesting pieces of information including the number of PlayStation plus subscribers, performance, and the future strategy of their game and network business.

First of all the report gives us the details of the milestones achieved in the previous fiscal year including the 40 million PlayStation 4 units sold, 51 % increase in total net sales, and partnership with Kojima is mentioned as future investment.


The reason partnership with Hideo kojima is listed under future investment is because, Sony is bank rolling his upcoming project, Death Stranding, starring Norman Reedus.

In the documentations the establishment for Sony Interactive Entertainment has been outlined, with the company claiming that they are focused, deliver seamless products and accelerated towards their target. The documentation also reveal the slogan for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Sony has outlined its strategy for their next fiscal year, which will end in March 2017. The company expects to capitalize on the opportunities enabled by digital sales, and given that Uncharted 4 earned $54 million revenue in digital sales and micro-transactions, Sony might already be capitalizing from digital platform.

Also Sony intends to expand its PlayStation VR for non gaming use also, like movies and other stuff. The company plans to invest in TV viewing experience, also in original content too so that Sony can be recognized as content brand.


Sony revealed PlayStation Plus subscribers for the past fiscal year, according to the documentation PlayStation Plus has almost 20.8 million subscribers, along with its business model for digital platform.


Sony plans to launch its PlayStation VR for gaming and then expand it to non-gaming services like movies, TV streaming, music and more.


Sony has some pretty high ambitions for its digital platform, PlayStation VR, and the company seems confident that it will maintain its lead in the console market.