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David Cage Explains Script of Detroit: Become Human

One notable reveal at Playstation’s E3 2016 conference was a glimpse of the sorts of choices that players would be able to make in Detroit: Become Human. Detroit is a role-playing game where you play a number of different androids that confront discrimination and hatred even as they make steps towards true consciousness.

Some of David Cage’s more recent games, including Indigo Prophecy (known as Fahrenheit in Europe), Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain, dealt with choices that players made during the course of the game, with each of them having effects that would come up again later in the story. Detroit appears to be no exception.

The Detroit: Become Human trailer that we saw at Sony’s conference showed off a multitude of different effects that dialogue could have on the game in the form of an android that worked as a police negotiator attempting to talk down an android that was threatening to jump off of a building with a little girl.

David Cage has said that the script for Detroit takes up thousands of pages that are all the consequences and effects of the dialogue options you choose throughout the game. Not to mention different segments of the script also focus around different androids.

Cage went on to say that Detroit: Become Human would start out as following the stories of multiple androids, but much like Heavy Rain they would all eventually merge into one complete story. As you would expect from having to keep track of everything that could happen in a game that promises as much as Detroit does.

However, while Cage’s games have always been appealing in visuals, they’ve sometimes had various criticisms leveled at them for the directions that their stories take, including numerous questionable narrative decisions by Cage himself. Hopefully Detroit: Become Human will end up finally breaking this stereotype of his games.