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Battlefield 1 Concept Art Images Don’t Fail to Impress

Battlefield 1 is already shaping up to be a beautiful game, much like the rest of DICE’s games, but what we haven’t seen yet is the huge amount of Battlefield 1 concept art that has now been leaked before the game gets officially released.

All of the pictures really give a sense of epic scale to the game, which is fitting since it’s the First World War, one of the largest wars in the world’s history.

The Battlefield 1 concept art shows off a huge amount of both war and devastation, both in the countryside of France and inside various cities and structures that were part of the war.

We see combat in massive fields with zeppelins and biplanes flying overhead, a tank smashing through a window, battle in a desert town or in sandy dunes, and even naval combat.

At the same time, despite the beauty of the landscapes shown, the pictures are also chaotic as they should be. Explosions and gunfire are everywhere, and since most of the views are from the point of view of the infantry, you get a sense of how vulnerable that they felt during the war.

The Battlefield 1 concept art shows soldiers being attacked by planes, watching tanks roll over their trenches, boating alongside massive ships as their mighty guns thunder, and look out over scenes of destruction.

Other infantry are simply wearing gas masks or armored helmets that obscure their faces, only a small group of the millions that died during the war.

Considering what we’ve seen from gameplay, the Battlefield 1 concept art is a good indication of what we’ll be seeing in the actual game.

If you want to take a look at the 40+ images of concept art that have been leaked, you’re all too welcome to take a look at the gallery that we’re going to be posting in this article.