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Xbox One Overwatch Patch Notes Released, Ranked Play and More

The Xbox One Overwatch patch notes for the newest patch on the Microsoft console have come out now that the patch is live, and help to explain what all this new patch is bringing to the system. The patch notes even talk about the game’s much-anticipated competitive play mode, which will become available on July 5 for all platforms.

The Xbox One Overwatch patch notes are divided into four different areas. They are each dedicated to a certain category of patch notes, including the patch’s features, general updates, hero balance changes, and bug fixes.

The main patch feature shown in the first section of the Xbox One Overwatch patch notes is the game’s competitive play mode. The mode, which will be coming out July 5, is a ranked mode for the game much like the ranked gameplay in Blizzard’s free-to-play card game Hearthstone.

Players will have to play regular games until they reach level 25, then the competitive mode will become available. Each season will last two and a half months, and if you do well enough you could even get golden weapons for your characters.

The next section deals with general updates, including how you can rebind controller layouts, improving controls in general, adding McCree as a computer-controlled hero in the game’s single-player modes. The game’s “Avoid This Player” function is also being removed from the game, on account of not working as intended.

The third category of the Xbox One Overwatch patch notes deal with hero balance changes to Widowmaker and McCree, where their weapons were weakened slightly in order to prevent them from being overpowered.

Finally, the fourth category deals with bug fixes. These include various bugs related to players being prevented from leaving, moving players towards the source of a knockback instead of away, and how AI heroes respond to each other. Other bug fixes include maps and various heroes.

If you want to read all of the patch notes for yourself, you can find them here.