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Steam Removed ORION Due To Copyright Infringement, Justified or Not?

Activision filed DMCA against Trek Industries, the developer of ORION. Activision claims that Trek Industries has used some assets from Call Of Duty Advance Warfare and Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, without their consent, which is the reason Steam removed ORION .

On behalf of Activision, who alleges that the game Orion uses weapon art content from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The weapon art in question includes the M8A7 rifle, the Haymaker rifle, and the Bal-27 rifle.

You can checkout the screens below that show the similarities between the two game’s weapons.


You can clearly see the similarities between the Haymaker 12 from Black Ops 3 and the weapon from Oroin. However, there are little differences in both weapons but the overall design is almost identical, and that is the reason why Activision filed DMCA against Trek Industries and Steam removed ORION.

A reddit user posted more comparison screens, which show that Orion weapons featuring the exact same sights as Black Ops 3 and Advance Warfare weapons.


The developer claims that they did not used any assets from Activision, but the similarities are definitely hard to pass over. The developers has expressed their anger against Activsion on Steam forums. The developer said that Activision is destroying their livelihood, and also said that they can’t confirm if the representative from Activision is real.

The developer also said that they have worked hard to develop this game, along with making sure that they are doing great service to Steam.

We have worked VERY hard for many years to not only ensure our community and products were great and supported, but we made sure that we were doing a great service to Steam as a platform and programs like Early Access. This is extremely evident in any of our Product reviews.

Trek Industries asked community of their support, to get their game back on Steam as this claim has costed them a lot of money. Or do you think that it’s otherwise and claim against them are legit? Share your views with us in the comments below.