PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio Won’t Make Games More Expensive: Take-Two

PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio are coming our way next year. Both consoles will have support for 4K Gaming, Microsoft is claiming native 4K, meanwhile, Sony is yet to say how the machine will handle 4K. However, according to rumors, it would upscale games from 1080p to 4K.

Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo development wouldn’t be an issue for the base models. According to the devs we have spoken to, it is like creating different graphical settings for PC. The other worry is regarding the cost of development, we have heard some devs say that it would raise development cost.

But Take-Two thinks otherwise.

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said:

I don’t see it making games more expensive. I think new hardware developments that give us more powerful platforms to work on but are still compatible with the current generation is great news. We’re still pushing the envelope on current-gen consoles, so it’s not like we’re screaming for more power

Our sources tell us that PlayStation 4 Neo will be revealed at PlayStation Experience. Meanwhile, its release date is set for 2017. Many devs are working on games for it, most of them are Sony’s first party studios. Same is the case with Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

Microsoft is also bringing Xbox One S, a slimmer model of the fat Xbox One standard edition. It comes with HDR support, 4K video stream and a new Xbox One controller. Keep in mind that you will need a HDR Tv to benefit from this feature.

Source: Associated Press