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New Street Fighter 5 Stage and Costume, Hot Karin and Watery Battles

New Street Fighter 5 stage and costume are going to be coming to Capcom’s newest iteration of the highly-popular fighting game franchise on July 1. The Kanzuki Private Beach stage, and Karin’s summer garb, will both become available when the game updates at the start of July. Both reveals came from YouTube channel VesperArcade.

The new Street Fighter 5 stage and costume are both a rather significant departure from the stages that we’ve seen before. Instead of military bases and Japanese mansions, the Kanzuki Private Beach stage is, as it says, a private beach. Various beachgoers serve as the spectators in the background, alongside crystal-clear waters, monkeys hopping up and down on rocks, and ships in the background.

One problem that people might see in the Kanzuki stage would be that their fighters’s feet will be obscured by the water that they’ll be fighting in. This might affect how well you can judge range and and distance during a fight, so it might be an additional challenge beyond just making sure you can beat an opponent.

Karin’s own part in the new Street Fighter 5 stage and costume, where she dresses all up for the beach. Specifically her beach, considering that her family owns the place.

Karin has let her curls out some more and gotten rid of her prim and proper dress and leggings in favor of a very skimpy swimsuit, a sun hat, round sunglasses, and flipflops. One might think that she didn’t appreciate some ruffian intruding on her beach.

With the new Street Fighter 5 stage and costume coming July 1, this will only be the start of all of the updates that Street Fighter 5 players will be getting, along with a story mode. And those will most likely only be the start of what Capcom aims to put in Street Fighter 5 in the coming years.