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New Ninja Gaiden Game Confirmed by Keiji Yamagishi; First Details Next Month

The infamous Ninja Gaiden series has had a total of 16 release cumulatively in the original series as well as the modern series. However it was high time we got a new Ninja Gaiden game, and apparently there is one in the works!

While Koei Tecmo is supposed to be the publisher that should have announced the game, we are not basing our report on an official reveal from the publisher of developer’s end.

Instead, it is the revered music composer of the franchise, Keiji Yamagishi, who has confirmed that another game in the series is being developed right now. He has given just one sentence to officially state his inclusion in the project:

I’m pleased to announce that I’m working on a new project related to Ninja Gaiden. I’ll be able to share more news in July!

Well of course he has not been able to say more about the said project, but we are hoping that this will be Ninja Gaiden 4. There will be some fans who would say they do not want a Yaiba 2, but let’s see what Koei Tecmo has in their mind.

As Yamagishi has confirmed, we are going to get more details on the new Ninja Gaiden game next month, we are hoping that he is referring to the official announcement of the game from the publishers.

That being said, the San Diego Comic Con is also going to be held next month, and it could be that the developers are hoping to bring the reveal at the event.

Needless to say, we are only shooting in the dark right now, and this could turn out to be anything from an entry in the main series to a spin off title. Keep an open mind folks.