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New GTA 5 Easter Egg: The Bigfoot vs. The Beast Finally Uncovered!

Well it surely has been years since the Grand Theft Auto 5 community started to explore the world that Rockstar Games has created, but apparently, there has been more to see all along. A new GTA 5 easter egg has been found; let’s just say it brings you to a The Bigfoot vs. The Beast battle.

Those of you who have been with the game and the community all along would know that there was a Bigfoot related easter egg in the game, but what you might not know is that there is much more to it.

Remember how eating a hallucinogenic herb type, the golden peyote plant, would turn you into Bigfoot in GTA 5? Well, Rockstar Games decided to extend that with some extreme levels of detail.

A group of people who have been after this have revealed that the process of getting to this GTA 5 easter egg was to find and eat six other golden peyotes every time the game was updated.

If these golden peyote plants are eaten on given times at given weather conditions and on given days, you will unlock the most well guarded secret of the game – something that Rockstar itself has been playing with all along.

After you have done all this, you get to chase The Beast and kill it in a classic The Bigfoot vs. The Beast battle. Not only that, you also get to keep the skin for Director’s Mode.

Been living under the rock and don’t know who The Beast it? Go look up Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf!

We have shared with you the video of the whole GTA 5 easter egg above, watch it and tell us what you think of The Bigfoot vs. The Beast battle.