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Microsoft: Xbox One Scorpio Is Something That Fans Always Wanted

Microsoft is expecting to change the way consoles are viewed by removing the technical boundaries with Xbox one Scorpio. According to the director of Xbox, Dave McCarthy, the Xbox One Scorpio will remove the traditional boundaries of generations for consoles.

He emphasized that the games that are currently releasing for Xbox One will be perfectly compatible with Xbox One Scorpio, which will be available in Holiday 2017. According to Dave this is something that has never happened before in the past generations of consoles.

However, this could create confusion among the consumers due to the fact that Microsoft will be selling three different consoles, capable of running same games. The only difference will be technical specifications of these consoles and their prices.

According to the general manager of Microsoft Studios Global Publishing, Shannon Loftis, this not a problem and will not create any kind of confusion. They have developed the Xbox One Scorpio because fans have been asking them to do so.

She further explains that they want to give the choice of switching towards a more powerful console to the consumer, this will no longer be a business decision. She said that Microsoft has received the most request about a variety of options in consoles for consumers to choose from.

Recently Xbox head Phil Spencer responded to the criticism by Sony’s CEO, that Microsoft have revealed Xbox One Scorpio too soon and will create confusion among consumer. However, Phil has a different opinion, he wants to win customers the right way rather than just sit silently while they buy a console, which is not the console they really want.

According to Phil, Xbox One Scorpio is a great console, also Xbox one and Xbox One S are also great consoles. But is a consumer prefers Xbox One Scorpio over others, than it does not bother s him.

Xbox One Scorpio is scheduled to release in Holiday 2017, will feature a native 4K resolution.