Forza Horizon 3 Will Allow You to Create Custom Radio Stations

This E3 Microsoft brought a lot of games to its conference and Forza Horizon 3 was one of them. Since the reveal of Forza Horizon 3, a lot of details about the game have been surfacing on the internet. This time the new detail is about Forza Horizon 3’s radio stations.

All of the Forza Horizon fans out there know that, Horizon has a bunch of different radio stations with a diverse selection of music for the players to listen to. Developer Playground Games has promised that Forza Horizon 3 will have more radio stations, compared to previous entries in the franchise.

However, if the built-in radio stations are not enough for you, then Groove Music support will be, as this will let you create your own custom radio stations. Horizon 3 is the fist Forza game to let players create their own playlist.

All you have to do is simply add MP3 to your OneDrive account and make a playlist, then it will become a radio station and can be streamed through cloud. This is a pretty good feature for those who want to listen their choice of music while playing Forza Horizon 3.

In related news, Playground Games is using a very in-depth technique for the upcoming racing game skies to look realistic. According to the art director, there are three important things in the driving game; Car, What you are driving on and the thing that you are driving underneath.

The developers used a photogrammetry kind of a technique, by using a customized HDR camera, took the images of the skies and implemented them on the game.

Microsoft got everyone’s attention when the company revealed that almost all of their Xbox exclusive games will be coming to PC including Forza Horizon 3. Not only this, Microsoft has also announced cross-play functionality for the game.

Forza Horizon 3 will release on September 27, 2016 for Xbox One and PC.

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