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Destiny Weekly Rest Messed Up Modifiers and Challenges, But Bungie Has Fixed it Now

The latest Destiny Weekly Reset went live today and alongside bringing everyone new stuff to do, it has also messed up a lot of things in the game. Well, we are not sure if we should call doubling everything messed up, but it clearly wasn’t the intention of Bungie here.

What happened was that after the regular server reset, when all the activities were going to be refreshed for the entire community, people started reporting that they have actually started to see eight modifiers instead of four.

Basically, something had gone wrong with the Destiny Weekly Reset and as a result, they modifiers and challenges were not fully reset, and last week’s items got added to this week’s.

Of course this didn’t mean that there were two Nightfall strikes, but the one strike people got had eight modifiers.

That is not all, people who were able to check the raid challenges also saw that the Golgoroth and the Warpriest were both present.

However, as soon as people started getting ideas about what they could do with this, Bungie officially confirmed that despite the mess up they had done to the latest Destiny Weekly Reset, a quick fix had been released to sort things out.

Now, whenever the guardians returned to the orbit, they would see the new and proper activities for this week. The update was made through the official Twitter profile of Bungie Help.

In parallel news, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny Rise of Iron is not going to bring any subclasses and in the same topic, they have also been discussing the steps everyone will need to take if they are transferring from legacy consoles to the new ones once updates cease to release on PS3 and Xbox 360.