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Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Leaked, Descent Brings a New Zombies Map, Weapons and More

The DLC has been revealed officially and here is a trailer for you:

The third and final Call of Duty Black Ops 3 DLC has finally been named “Descent”, according to a theme that was offered on the Playstation Store. Descent will be the third and final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and will bring in new weapons, new maps, and a new zombie map. The other two Black Ops 3 DLCs were “Awakening” and “Eclipse.”

Two hours later, more information surfaced about the DLC that included all of the information about the various maps that will be on Black Ops 3 DLC 3.

The four maps involved in it are called Berserk, Cryogen, Rumble, and Empire. The new zombie map that is included, is going to be called Gorod Krovi. Krovi appears to take place in Stalingrad in the Soviet Union, devastated by World War 2. Players will apparently be holed up in a building on one part of the square that the map takes place in, and will have to hold off repeated zombie assaults.

And, as if the zombies weren’t bad enough…there’s also a dragon. The dragon is actually featured in the desktop theme as well, being shot at by various anti-aircraft weapons and aircraft.

In actual multiplayer, the four maps are more “realistic.” The “Empire” map, a remake of the Black Ops 2 map “Raid” takes place in a Roman villa and is ideal for mid-range combat.

The second map, Cryogen, takes place on the coast of the Dead Sea in the Middle East. Berserk takes place in an old Viking village, while Rumble takes place in a stadium where giant robots battle for the entertainment of thousands above you.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Descent, will be released on July 12 on Playstation 4, and will be coming out later on Xbox One and PC. Are you looking forward to the third black ops 3 dlc? Let us know in the comments below.