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Australian Overwatch Players Being Routed to US Servers, Blizzard Responds

Australian Overwatch Players are being routed to U.S, same is the problem with other countries. Blizzard has share a response.

Over the past few weeks many reports started to circulate online that players in the Americas are being routed to U.S servers. Blizzard first ignored the reports but later decided to check its servers for issues. After a detailed analysis, Blizzard found that Overwatch players are indeed being routed to U.S from Australia, Brazil and other countries.

The problem is limited to the PC version of Overwatch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One servers are running fine, according to Blizzard.

After really digging into this over the weekend, we’ve been able to confirm that there is indeed an issue preventing some players in the Americas region from being matched into local servers—specifically those near/around Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. This is currently only affecting PC players (our local servers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One appear to be working fine) and, while we don’t yet know why this is happening, we can see that the problem became much more noticeable last Thursday.

The good news, as you can see, is that the issue is acknowledged and programmers are looking for a fix. The bad news though, Blizzard doesn’t have an ETA so we don’t know when the problem would be resolved. Blizzard also confirmed that it won’t be able to resolve the issue any time this week, however, they will be trying out a few different things to improve the experience for Australian Overwatch players.

This would only be a temporary band-aid, though; our biggest priority is to find a fix that addresses the problem at its source.

Australian Overwatch players will have to wait for at least a couple of weeks, it seems, before a proper fix is implemented.