New Video Shows Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode, Revive And More

Electronic Arts and DICE are holding nothing back to hype the player for their upcoming Battlefield 1 set in World War 1. This time EA  and DICE has released a new video for Battlefield 1, showcasing players stabbing each other, planes attacking and ground forces, Battlefield 1 spectator mode and much more.

In the video we get another look on Battlefield 1 map St. Quentin Scar, which was first shown during the live stream of EA Play. The video showcases that like previous Battlefield game, players can use parachutes to land in the map.

This time around DICE showcased some new weapons that will be available in Battlefield 1, along with dynamic weather changes that occur randomly during multiplayer matches. The destruction in the game is incredible, almost every building can be completely destroyed or tanks can be drove through them.

In this video we get a look at how medics will revive teammates when they die. In previous Battlefields, players had defibrillators to revive their fallen teammates, but in Battlefield 1 players will do to the same but with an injection.

The video also showcases planes dropping bombs on ground units in order to take them out and support their own ground units. Also the video showcases some sniper action, depicting how precise and powerful snipers can be once players have mastered them. The video also showcases the Battlefield 1 spectator mode.

Battlefield 1 will not require any web launcher for PC, as previous games like Battlefield 3 , Battlefield 4 and Hardline required players to log in through Battlelog website.

This news comes shortly after DICE announced that they will be bringing new UI for Battlefield 4, Hardline and Battlefield 1. The upcoming UI will launch first on Battlefield 4 and then will be implemented on Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1.

This new UI will let players to join and search online matches from within the game rather than doing it externally from the browser.

Battlefield 1 will release for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 21 2016.