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Spider man Uses Insomniac Game Engine on PS4, Will Not be an Origin Story

The reveal of the new PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider man game certainly got every one excited, and caused a lot of speculation primarily because of how awesome the trailer was. Now Insomniac games has revealed new information that Spider man uses Insomniac game engine on PS4 among other things.

The new details come from Insomniac’s official Twitter account, where fans asked some questioned and the developer answered them including Spider man uses Insomniac game engine.

The developer also clarified that the Spider man game will not be an origin story, but will feature a experienced Spider man, when a fan mentioned that he likes the origin outfit of Spider man.

However, a misunderstanding caused a fan to ask the involvement of Naughty Dog in the development of the game engine. Insomniac games quickly clarified that Naughty Dog is not involved in the development of the Spider man in any form.

Vice President of Marvel Games, Jay Ong, said that Spider man is just the beginning to bring the Marvel’s comic book characters to consoles. Ong said marvel have plans for bringing its characters to games, but can’t reveal them right now.

Marvel has existing partnership with Sony Interactive entertainment, Warner Bros, and Telltale Games. He said that there is a lot more to come which fans will hear more about later this year.

Previous Spider man games were published by Activision, and those games were tied to coincide with movie releases. However, Ong clarified that Marvel does not want to push its games to release with its movies, and want to deliver quality games.

It is certainly good to see that Marvel is taking the games based on its heroes seriously, and want to deliver quality games rather than rushed out product to coincide with the release of its movies.

Do you think Insomniac Games will be able to deliver a quality Spider man game? Let us know in the comments.