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Sony Permanently Bans a Muslim Gamer for Using His Own Name “Jihad” on PSN

The discrimination level over at camp Sony has reached new heights. The company has banned a muslim gamer permanently from PSN for using a PSN ID based on his real name.

The 26 years old, Jihad, used “Ijihad” as his PSN ID and some genius over at PlayStation thought it is offensive and stripped him of his digital purchases and money in the wallet. The account has been live since PS3 days but only recently got banned.

After continued attempts to contact Sony, Jihad was informed that his account is banned due to his PSN ID. He was given the option to change his PSN ID but strangely Sony support went silent on the situation after offering a name change. The meaning of Jihad is “Struggling & Putting an effort in doing something Noble, good and highly valued,” it is misused by paid mercenaries with misguided sense of righteousness in the name of Islam, which means anyone using the name Jihad is going to be discriminated against.

Banning someone based on his/her legal name is unprofessional, unethical, and outright stupid.

Hi all,
I Am 26 years old and my name is Jihad. Before you hate on me, please remember 26 years ago, this s**t was not like this. I’ve been named based on the true, non-religious meaning of the word, which is: Struggling & Putting an effort in doing something Noble, good and highly valued. Long story short, we’re in 2016 :).
I’m really saddened to reach this stage of hopelessness in fair treatment without dealing with personal racism opinions. I hope if you guys would support me, I also accept if you disagree with me; just hearing me out is much appreciated.
I have been long PlayStation gamer, since the first one came out. Two months ago I pre-ordered Overwatch: Collectors edition, once I got my hands on it I played it right away. Three days in, I suddenly received: Permanent-ban email, stating reason is [BAN REASON]. (Yes, literally like this) I was furious, I had this account since PS3 came-out, I have purchased MANY games. Never cheated nor talked to anyone.

This issue isn’t limited to one guy, the problem is that if a Sony employee doesn’t like your PSN ID he has the power to ban you and strip access to all of your games, even offline. Meanwhile, Sony refuses to add a name change feature after continuous fan demand.

What’s next? Will Sony be banning every with PSN ID that uses the word Adolf? Or Jack the Ripper? Luis Garavito? Gary Ridgway?

If someone had created an account in March 2013 named “TheBostonBomber” it obviously wouldn’t be referencing to that particular event.

Sony Saudi Arabia came forward to help this guy and has volunteered to contact the particular department to fix the problem but so far there hasn’t been any developments.

Source: Reddit