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Sea Of Thieves File Size Revealed By Xbox Store

Sea Of Thieves is one of the highly anticipated games that was showcased at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Now Sea Of thieves file size have been revealed by Microsoft through Xbox Store.

This is certainly not the first time Microsoft has revealed additional information about their upcoming games ahead of their release, and this time Microsoft have revealed Sea Of Thieves file size. According to Xbox Store, Sea Of Thieves file size is 9.82 GB considering the the file size of the recent game releases it is actually a decent file size.

Since the reveal of Sea Of Thieves many had speculated that the game might be a free-to-play, however, developer Rare has confirmed that Sea Of Thieves will not be free-to-play. However, the team did considered a free-to-play model for Sea Of Thieves but eventually rejected it.

Also the Rare has revealed that they have huge content plans for the game, much like Destiny’s. The developer also revealed that they expect to release content for Sea Of thieves for next five years after its launch.

Given that Sea Of Thieves is an MMO, no one expected that the game could be played solo. According to developer Rare, if players don’t want to play Sea Of Thieves with friends and other players, they can play it solo.

However, there is a downside to it, as the developer wants to keep things balanced in Sea Of Thieves, a solo player will not be able to take on a bigger team with a bigger ship with its single maned vessel.

Sea Of Thieves is an action adventure MMO developed by Rare and published by Microsoft. The game will release exclusively for PC and Xbox One sometime 2017, as Microsoft has yet revealed the release date.