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Mei and Reinhardt From Overwatch Join Street Fighter V

Fresh on the heels of Tracer mod for Street Fighter V which turns Cammy into this Overwatch character, a new mod is spotted that brings more Overwatch characters to Capcom’s fighting game.

The characters in question are Mei and Reinhardt from Overwatch. Modders have created a new mod that allows you to play as Mei and Reinhardt. Zangief is taking the appearance of Reinhardt and M.Mika will appear as Mei in Street Fighter V.

Here’s Zangief as Reinhardt

M.Mika as Mei

Street Fighter V is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

Lastly, looking at all of these character model replacement mods makes you wonder what it would be like to have an Overwatch fighting game. It would be very interesting to have such a game with Overwatch characters fighting it out. Blizzard should consider a fighting game with Overwatch characters, don’t you think?

On a related note, Street Fighter V has had some issues with its matchmaking but Capcom has dealt with the problem with the game’s June update. Matchmaking will be faster and smoother than ever before once you download the latest update.

In some cases, player’s League Points weren’t synchronizing across all servers which resulted in longer than expected wait times to find a match. With this fix, users should start seeing matches at a more rapid pace than before.

For more on Street Fighter V, stay-tuned.