Marvel is Giving Insomniac Complete Freedom With Spider Man PS4

Since the announcement for the new Spider Man PS4 at E3 2016, there have been many questions about the new game. For instance, is the game connected with Spider Man movies? How involved is Marvel with the new Spider Man game? Why the change in Spider’s costume? You questions have been answered.

Bill Rosemann is the lead man for Marvel Games right now and he explains how Insomniac has full creative freedom with Spider Man PS4. According to Bill, the game is a separate experience from the movies and Insomniac is allowed to tell its own story.

Marvel Games is giving Insomniac the freedom to tell their Spider-Man story. We’re here to collaborate with them and embrace their vision and help them execute that to the fullest. And by giving them that freedom, they’ll deliver something new and unexpected so you, as the player, won’t know what is going to happen next.

As for the costume in Spider Man PS4, its changes are well thought out. Bill explained that Spider Man’s costume is the greatest Super Hero costume ever created so it’s crucial that every change has a meaning behind it.

..one thing I can say now is that extensive thought was applied from the top of his mask to the bottom of his feet. We know how much people love Spider-Man and his costume. In my opinion, it’s the best-designed super hero costume of all-time. If you’re going to alter it, you have to understand what the original design achieved and be very thoughtful and have a reason for everything.

The new Spider Man PS4 won’t be an origin story, the man is mature and has mastered the art of web-slinging. It seems a slight darker tone for Spider Man is what we’ll see this time around while staying true to the essence of Spider Man.

However, that is just my own assumption and we’ll how things play out when we see more of the game.

Spider Man PS4 is still without a release date.

Source: Cominbooknews