Madden 17 Gameplay Footage With Fake FG Trick Play, Commentary and Presentation Changes

About a month ago we had shared with you a short Madden 17 gameplay footage that featured the new Juke Moves and the new Score Banner of the game. This time, a comparatively much lengthier footage has surfaced online.

The video in question shows off, above everything else, some really interesting fake field goal trick play at the hands of some pro players of the game.

There are a number of other aspects too which have been detailed in the video by a known Madden player, GoodGameBro. The guy says he was called by Electronic Arts to their studio in Los Angeles where he was able to try out the game.

It is not new for a development studio to call in some of the known players to try out the game before it is released, it is a process off well versed feedback which works most of the time. GoodGameBro says:

I tried to make sure that the Madden 17 gameplay focused on the new commentary guys, Brandon Gaudin & Charles Davis. Some of the cuts on the video are a bit rough, but that’s because I wanted to make sure you could hear the full audio of a lot of the segments. Best part? I believe only 40% of the commentary was in the game during this build!

Apart from the focus on commentary and the fake FG trick plays, the Madden 17 gameplay video will also highlight the changes that developers have made to the game’s overall presentation.

In parallel news, the developers of the game recently rejected a rumor that the game will have a PC version – the rumor had sprouted after a PC version was mistakenly listed by Amazon.

Check out the Madden 17 gameplay above and tell us if it is going to be worthy of purchasing when it releases on August 23, 2016 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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