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God of War Trailer from E3 is More Popular Than Battlefield 1, Xbox One S Reveals

If you watched the E3 2016 press conferences from all the key players you would be as divided as us when it comes to picking up who won. However, if we want to simplify things and look at different projects that got revealed, things get easier. According to popularity of YouTube, the new God of War game topped all, including the Xbox One S and Battlefield 1!

Battlefield 1 is clearly one of the most hyped games right now, and its official reveal trailer from the event now has an impressive 9,339,389 views at the time of writing. This is pretty huge, but comes second to the 9,398,789 views that the Xbox One S reveal trailer has gotten.

However, the God of War PS4 game has beaten everything else to become the most popular video on YouTube from E3 2016 with almost 10 million views already; the gameplay trailer has 9,765,326 views to be exact.

Are you hyped about the new adventure of Kratos and his son? Here is the largest chunk of details on the game’s story that have been confirmed by Sony Santa Monica itself.

With its iconic weaponry, extensive DLC plans and everything we would love to battle with from the WWI era, Battlefield 1 releases on October 21, 2016.

On the other hand, Microsoft has announced that the smarter and sleeker version of the Xbox One i.e. the Xbox One S is going to be released in August this year. The console comes with multiple disc space variants starting from $299. The 2TB version of the console is up for preorder for $399 right now.

Coming back to the game that is making the most waves these days, God of War, is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 and so far it does not have a release date. We do have some interesting theories relating to the game’s setting, though – including the possibility of Kratos’ son being Thor!