FIFA 16 Chemistry Glitch Causing Problems In FUT Mode

It’s been almost 10 months since the release of FIFA 16, and still there are some glitches in the game that needs to be fixed. The new glitch that has emerged is the FIFA 16 chemistry glitch, which occurs due to the Chemistry mechanic in FIFA 16’s Ultimate Team. The glitch effectively undermines the fundamental principles of the entire mode.

A Youtuber named RighteousOnix has compiled a couple of videos detailing this FIFA 16 chemistry glitch. The glitch effects both DAY one cards and the player cards that were added later.

In the video he tested the no-touch dribble step-over move that can only be performed by the player who have stats of 86 and above in Dribbling. The Chemistry boosts the stats of the player such as Dribbling, meaning if players have a stat of 85 and are also boosted by chemistry should be able to perform the step over.

However, FIFA 16 chemistry glitch says and shows otherwise. Seems that due to the glitch the new player cards are fixed on base Chemistry of 4 or 6, no matter the boosts are applied. However, the Day one cards are safe from this glitch as they receive the expected boosts.

Now there are two outcomes of this FIFA 16 chemistry glitch, one is that more expensive cards like Team OF The Season (TOTS) cards can sometimes be worse compared to the Day one cards which are chemistry boosted. Considering sometimes players spent real life money on these cards, this might come as a quite a shock to them.

Second outcome could be that the cards released after the launch of FIFA 16 have a base chemistry no matter what, so it is possible that these players could be included in the team with no chemistry boost whatsoever.

However, it is not known that Electronic Arts has any knowledge of this glitch, but you can checkout the videos detailing the FIFA 16 chemistry glitch below.

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FIFA 16 was developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports, and the game is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android.