Doom Dev Says Xbox One Scorpio 4K Method Is A Waste of Power

Tiago Sousa, the chief graphics designer of iD Studios, has said that the Xbox One Scorpio 4K method of using part of the console’s processing power to get native 4K is a waste of the console’s significant processing power. The game console boasts 6 teraflops of processing power, but Sousa thinks that the teraflops would be better-used using CPU cycles and calculations for physics and the like.

iD Studios is known lately for releasing a brand new Doom game, which won praise for its visuals and would most likely look even better on Xbox One Scorpio 4K.

Sousa believes that instead of using the Xbox One Scorpio’s own processing power to cause native 4K resolution, the console should use spatial and temporal reconstruction in order to create 4K resolutions. This is the same sort of process that Quantum Break used for its own visuals.

The Playstation 4 Neo, the direct competitor to the Xbox One Scorpio 4K system, will be using the same process used by Quantum Break to get its own 4K systems. The Scorpio, however, will have more processing power due to the 6 teraflops of memory.

This leaves the Xbox One Scorpio in a better position to get 4K, but it seems that it will only use 4K resolution when it comes to video, while the Playstation 4 Neo will be using its own 4K for both videos and gameplay.

Either way if the Xbox One Scorpio 4K method is in fact a waste of its processing power, maybe Microsoft can make an adjustment to how the console uses its 4K, freeing up the teraflops it comes with to make the games run better.

Maybe developers these days are placing more emphasis on how their games look rather than how they play; Sousa would know all about making their games do both, especially when iD Studios’s recent Doom release got critical acclaim both for its rock-solid gameplay and its gorgeous visuals.