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The Division Underground DLC Releases Tomorrow For Xbox One

The Division Underground DLC, the first paid DLC for the Tom Clancy third-person shared-world shooter, will be releasing for the Xbox One tomorrow. The release is part of the timed exclusive system that Xbox players will enjoy. The system will allow Xbox players to play the DLCs for a month before other users get them.

The Division Underground DLC opens up a lot of new things about the game, ranging from a new area to a new Incursion to new gear and more. The new area is the underground of New York City, where you head into the city’s sewers and subways where a lot of enemies have tried to hide.

The new Incursion, entitled “Dragon’s Lair”, will take a team of four Division agents into the underground, to a lair of the Cleaners faction as you try and clear them out of the sewers.

Players of the Division Underground DLC will also be given new gear, each of which will have special gear that will help players fight against enemies in the dark tunnels of the underground. These include abilities that will give you a damage bonus to flash-banged enemies, giving you another damage bonus the first shot after you kill an enemy, and more.

The Division Underground DLC will actually be released for Xbox One players before anyone else due to a prior arrangement by Ubisoft, giving them a whole month to play the DLC before players on the Playstation 4 and PC get it.

Whether the Division Underground DLC will be able to attract more players to The Division remains to be seen. Hopefully Ubisoft’s increased efforts against hackers and cheaters will be able to bring some players back to the game after leaving it for the same reason, but considering the various issues Ubisoft has had with the game it may be difficult.