Destiny: Xur Agent of The Nine To Continue Visiting PS3 and Xbox 360

Bungie has announced that starting from August 2016, they are going to stop releasing new content to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. This also means that there will be other events and activities of Destiny that won’t be available. However, one thing you don’t need to worry about is Xur Agent of the Nine – or maybe you should.

The developers have announced that they are going to continue sending the gear vendor to the legacy consoles, which now account for only 10 percent of the game’s player base. But this comes with a catch, the items Xur will sell are now going to be limited.

According to a detailed post on the official website of the developers, there are going to be some changes like Xur Agent of the Nine will stop selling Individual Exotic Weapons and Armor.

He will sell you Encrypted Exotic Engrams and Encrypted Legacy Engrams, though which will be allowed to decrypt into Year 1 and Year 2 exotics. There is other stuff Destiny players on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be able to buy, read up on everything below:

Xûr will continue to appear in the Tower or the Reef on Legacy Consoles. The following changes will be made to Xûr’s inventory on Legacy Consoles:

  • Individual Exotic Weapons and Armor pieces will no longer be sold by Xûr.
  • Encrypted Exotic Engrams will be sold. These will decrypt into Year 2 Exotics.
  • Encrypted Legacy Engrams will continue to be sold. These will decrypt into Year 1 Exotics.
  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis, Three of Coins, Vehicle Upgrades, Motes of Light, and Glass Needles will continue to be sold.

In case you are upgrading to PS4 or Xbox One from the legacy consoles, you should read how you can transfer characters to the new consoles, and how going through the Account Import process is going to be mandatory for all.