In Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima Aims To Deliver a Different Twist on Life And Death

Hideo Kojima revealed its upcoming game during Sony’s E3 press conference and surprised everyone as no one was expecting it. However, the legendary creator of Metal Gear has given some more insights towards Death Stranding.

Speaking with wired, Hideo Kojima discussed the concept of the game, the meaning of death in Death Stranding, its characters and more. When asked why he chose the specific word death in his title Death Standing, he explained that life and death are part of the game and he aims to deliver a new twist on this concept.

In arcade games, you have this notion of dying, putting another quarter in, and coming back. That hasn’t changed in the 35 years that I’ve been making games. In this game, life and death will be part of that, but I want to give a different twist to that notion.

Kojima also explained the concept behind the teaser, saying we saw whales, crabs and all things have umbilical cables. This is the important part, the connection, its the keyword that everyone is connected. Initially the game will compare naturally to other open world and linear games, however, after and hour or so the game will start to feel different.

When asked about what Stranding means he explained that he is using two meanings of this word, isolate and connecting.

I’m using both meanings. Connecting people through gameplay is the basis of the game. Trying to connect one character to another, or to connect life and death.

Recently Kojima opened up about why he chose to work with Sony. He said that he got a lot of offers from many publishers, but chose Sony because they game him their trust.

Death stranding will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC, but no release date has been announced for the game.

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